What we love about the trooper saddle and what we love about western trail saddle design have been carefully fused together to create something new, something different, something better.  That culmination is our Drifter Field and Trail Saddle or just The Drifter for short.  Featuring our proven tree, finest English Bridle leather, and all stainless steel hardware this saddle is made to last a lifetime. Options, The Difter has those too.  Besides color and size choices there is also options for padded seat, Horn, and stirrups.  Not to mention our new inskirt rigging design that is not only low profile but allows for straight or enduro balanced tying.  The Drifter is designed to be easy on you and your horse, To be easy and quick to use, and will definitely turn heads.   And if the below options aren’t enough contact me to further trick yours out.