Kevin Parrish
Kevin ParrishSaddlemaker
Abbreviated Version

From Montgomery, AL

Apprenticed under father, John A. Parrish

Owned J.P. Leather Works, Montgomery, AL

Worked for Tucker Saddlery, Memphis, TN

Worked for Circle Y of Yoakum, Yoakum TX

Founded The Saddle Guy, Grady, AL

Found Jesus

Got married

Relocated shop to Robertsdale, AL

Starting Out Kevin Parrish Kevin Parrish

I’m Kevin Parrish, but you can call me The Saddle Guy. When I turned thirteen, my Dad thought it was a good time to put me to work in his saddle shop in the garage beside our house. I worked in the evenings and weekends all through school until I graduated and went off to Auburn. It didn’t take long to see that college and me weren’t a good fit. Until then, I had never loved the saddle shop, but something in me had changed. Now, I found the design and artistry of saddle making to be very fulfilling.

I got three more years working with my dad until he retired to that great, big saddle shop in the sky. I kept his shop going for a couple years then got hired on with Tucker Saddlery in Memphis. There, I was fortunate enough to work with the absolute best group of professional craftsmen that I have ever known. Those years were like captured lightning in a bottle.

Later Tucker purchased Circle Y and most of the operation moved to South Texas – including my job. And I moved with it for a time, but Texas and I simply weren’t meant to be. So I went home.

Back Home

I unpacked my old stitching machine, my dad’s toolbox, and built a workbench in my own garage. I put my nose to the grindstone and started building The Saddle Guy. That was twelve years ago.

These days I am a little older, hopefully a little wiser, and thankfully knee-deep in saddle work. I’m surrounded by good people who believe in me; I know and love the Lord, and he has blessed me with the greatest gift, my beautiful wife, Whitney. The shop is now located at Circle V Saddlery in Robertsdale, Alabama. If you’re ever heading to Gulf Shores via Hwy 59 South, stop by and see us.