Plantation Bridle


Based on a classic English bridle design our Plantation Bridle is heavy duty and stylish.  We start with fine English bridle leather and stainless steel or solid brass hardware.  The crown, brow, cheeks and noseband and doubled and stitched for increased durabilty.  All buckles are cast and have heavy rollers for easier adjustment.  The crown is 1″ wide and the cheeks taper to 3/4″ at the bit.

NOTE: This product, like all of our products, is handcrafted to fit your needs and specifications. Because of this, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping and processing. If you’d like more information about our customization options or have a specific request, please message us at [email protected] and we’ll fill you in. Thanks!


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Plantation Bridle

  • Rich brown or black
  • Stainless steel or solid brass hardware
  • Doubled and stitched construction
  • 1″ crown and cheeks

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Brown, Black


Stainless Steel, Solid Brass


Plain, Custom


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